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Smoove Wash & Wax

Chemically engineered to clean and protect gel coated surfaces and painted fiberglass surfaces

This wash & wax is a special PH balanced blend of cleaners along with a synthetic was emulsion. This results in a high foaming wash that breaks loose the dirt particles while not stripping away the wax on the surface. The wax emulsion helps to further protect the surface, and adds extra protection to the existing wax.

  • Concentrated (1oz to 4 or 5 gallons of water)
  • pH Balanced
  • Biodegradable
  • Phosphate Free
  • Will Not Strip Wax
  • Infused With Real Wax
  • Sheeting Action Reduces Water Spots

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Smoove “Bubble Gum” Micro-Polish with High Gloss Polymer

Bubble Gum can be machine or hand applied to deliver a perfect 1 step process. It contains a Micro-Polish with a High Gloss Polymer. The micro-polish will remove fine swirls and light oxidation, the high gloss polymer protectant will deliver and super shine and extreme durability. For best results use a rotary machine with a yellow polish pad, or random orbital polisher and finish with a top coat of Smoove White Cloud.

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Smoove Pro-Cut 1000 Professional Polishing Compound

Professional compound, that morphs to a polish. Use as a finish polish or for heavy oxidation. Turn a three step into a two-step – Pro-cut to wax. Pro-Cut 1000 is a revolutionary fiberglass polishing compound; this compound takes advantage of micro bead technology. The micro-bead compound is a cutting compound that rapidly cuts through the heaviest oxidation. As the buffing continues, the unique micro-bead abrasive system breaks down into finer tiny particles that eventually become a super fine micro-polish. This metamorphosis enables the professional user to compound and then polish in one easy step. Pro-Cut is wax/silicone free and micro-bead exact side cutting beads assure perfect cutting grade every time with minimal residue.

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Smoove “White Cloud” High Gloss Polymer Protectant

White Cloud is a High Gloss Polymer Protectant. This is a superior formulation that delivers unmatched durability and shine in harsh environments. Our “easy on easy off” formula will bond to the surface and produce an extreme shine, and long lasting protection. White Cloud works the best on a clean non-oxidized surface that has been prepped using one of our polishes or just after using Smoove “Bubble Gum”. Can be removed by hand or machine.


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