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we found What not to use…

Over the years we have found that one of the biggest failing points of a great wax job is what is used to clean the boat between waxes. When a boat or RV has just had the wax detail completed it looks great, then a couple of washes later it is all gone. The single most important part of every detail is that it needs to be maintained properly to keep it look that way.

Smoove isn't just a product company. We started as professional boat & yacht detailers, captains, and yacht brokers.  We spent years watching our clients wash away their wax layer and damaging their gel coat with the typical pine and citrus based washes. So we did something about it.  After years of in field testing, Smoove Ultimate Boat Wash was born as an industry leader in breaking away dirt and maintaining your wax layer.

Gel coated and painted fiberglass surfaces react in different ways. One surface ’A ‘ may react well with compound and wax combination and surface ‘B’ may not. We have developed our products to help take the guesswork out of buying cleaners and waxes so you get the best results every time.


If you are not sure what to use, please feel free to call us at any time and we can help provide the right information needed to get your asset looking perfect.

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